Intensive course main topics

  • UNESCO Global Geoparks – The new UNESCO quality label
  • Global Geoparks Network : Promoting Geoparks – the innovative sustainable tourism destinations
  • Best practices in geotourism  in UNESCO Global Geoparks
  • Interpreting geological heritage for the general public – Infrastructure and activities
  • Landscape and nature tourism development in Geoparks  (guided walks, birdwatching, plant and nature observation, etc)
  • Geotouristic activities in Geoparks (diving,  trekking, climbing, sailing, kanyoning, mountenbike, adventure tourism,etc)
  • Geoparks and Education activities for University field courses
  • Intangible heritage and Geoheritage in Geoparks : a geotourism product
  • Geoparks, local gastronomy and  geotourism development.
  • Monitoring geotourism activities – Sustainable tourism indicators

The course is taught in English. The program includes lectures, workshops, in-course presentations, field work, group work and a final participant presentation.