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lnternational Ιntensive Course on Geoparks
“UNESCO Global Geoparks:

UNESCO Global Geoparks logoAn international programme for Geoconservation, Geoeducation and Sustainable Development”
June 20th to June 30th, 2016

The principle of networking and team capacity building is part of the core philosophy of Global Geoparks. Recognizing the valuable role exchange of experience and best practice played in the success of the Geoparks movement the GGN Bureau supports for the International Intensive Course on Geoparks 2016. 

GGN  through capacity building courses plays an active role in nurturing partnerships and the sharing of best practice between existing Global Geoparks and aspiring Geoparks and, where possible, help an exchange of expertise between them.

The Course will take place on Lesvos Island, Greece at the premises of the Lesvos Geopark. It is co-organized by the University of the Aegean – Department of Geography and the Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest. It is organized under the auspices of the UNESCO Greek National Commission.

Within the 8th years cycle of GGN Courses on Geoparks, the main subject of the International Intensive Course on Geoparks 2016 is the latest developments, new regulations and procedures regarding the evaluation and revalidation of the Global Geoparks in the fields of Geopark management and visibility, geo-conservation, geo-education and sustainable development and the operation guidelines of the Global Geoparks Network, its Regional Geopark Networks and National Geopark Fora / Commissions in the light of the UNESCO General Conference decisions.

Lectures will be given by top Geopark experts and academic staff with long experience on geoconservation and geoheritage protection, management, sustainable tourism and local development

The course is open to Geopark staff members, geoscientists, local development professionals and students involved in geo-education in relation with geo-conservation, popularization of Earth sciences, geopark management, geotourism and sustainable development of rural areas.

The International Intensive Course on Geoparks 2016 is among the main activities of the Global Geoparks Network. New Global Geoparks and aspiring Geoparks are strongly encouraged to participate and gain experiences and best practice on Geopark building and operation.

Under the auspices of


Intensive course main topics

  • UNESCO Global Geoparks – a new UNESCO territorial designation
  • Legal framework of the UNESCO Global Geoparks – Statutes and Operation Guidelines
  • The Global Geoparks Network – statutes, structure, operation and activities
  • Regional Geopark Networks and National Geopark Fora / Commissions – operational rules, structure and activities
  • Global Geopark – evaluation and revalidation procedures
  • Assessment of the International value of the Earth heritage sites
  • Earth heritage protection, conservation and management in Global Geoparks
  • Geoparks and sustainable socio-economic local development.
  • Global Geoparks and
  • Geo-activities and tools
  • Cultural heritage and Intangible heritage in Global Geoparks.
  • Global Geoparks visibility, communication tools and Earth heritage interpretation.
  • Thematic Geopark Networks and Working groups
  • Guidelines for developing Global Geoparks and procedures to join the Global Geoparks Network.

Application deadline extended: May 15, 2016