This research expedition of the Young Researchers is dedicated to Climate Change.

The Young Researchers will study the evidence of past climate changes and their effects on ecosystems.

They will try to find out the species of plants and animals that lived in the Petrified Forest 20 million years ago.

They will attempt to draw conclusions about the climate of the area at that time.

They will look for information on the species of plants and animals that live today in the Aegean region and are characteristic of the Mediterranean climate.

They will compare the fossilized plants with the present-day plants of Lesvos.

How many have survived?

They  will compare the fossilized animals with the animals that live today in Lesvos.

How many have survived?

Search the website and collect information about the animals and plants that lived in the Forests of Lesvos 20 million years ago.

Fill in the Activity Sheets and make your own drawings.

For further information, questions or queries you can contact us at 2251047033 or you can send us an e-mail:

We would like you to send us your worksheets and drawings along with your first name, your age and your parents’ approval at the e-mail of the Museum of Natural History of the Lesvos Petrified Forest ( and the Museum will post them online.