Let’s explore the natural world!

Find out how we observe the natural world and become the best Young Explorers of our natural heritage.

Lesvos Geopark offers a variety of geological heritage sites, areas of natural beauty and rich ecosystems. Furthermore, the western peninsula of Lesvos island is dominated by the imposing Petrified Forest, which has been declared a Protected Natural Monument of Greece.

How can we explore Lesvos Geopark and the natural world as well?
What do we need to become good Explorers?

Binoculars to see far away and focus on details and a Nature Journal to record all our observations.

Download the Tutorials-Activity Sheets, follow the simple instructions and create your
own binoculars and your own nature journal.

Until you visit the Lesvos Geopark, you can start exploring the natural world even from your home. Look outside your window, take a walk on the balcony, in your yard or at the nearest park. Nature is all around us!
Record your observations and thoughts in your journal, just like scientists do. You can also include sketches, drawings, collages, crafts, plant samples.

Before you begin your exploration, read carefully the tips for
Nature Observation for Young Explorers!

Now you are also ready to explore the Lesvos Geopark! Visit the Geopark and get ready to discover its natural treasures. Don’t forget your very own binoculars and journal!

Record your observations in your journal. If you have any questions or queries, contact the museum and a scientist will answer them.

We would like you to share with us photos of your creations. You can send them along with your name, age and your parents’ approval to the email of the Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest (lesvospf@otenet.gr) and we will post them online.

Let’s start exploring!
Have fun!


Download the Tutorials-Activity Sheets

Create your own Binoculars! Let’s explore the natural world!

Create your own Nature Journal! Let’s explore the natural world!