Do you like games? Can’t get out far to explore nature?

Become Young Explorers and take part in research expeditions! Explore and discover the treasures of our natural heritage!

On this page you will find many creative educational activities and ideas to try along with your families.

The Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest invites all of its young friends and their families, to became Young Explores and take part in thematic research expeditions, full of educational activities and games.

Download all the materials of the educational activity you like and then it’s time to start exploring. You can play games, draw, solve puzzles, answer quizzes and discover the secrets of our planet.

Remember to check our website and Facebook page regularly for new educational activities.

You can also visit the Lesvos Geopark website for more online fun activities and games!

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Educational Activities for Young Explorers